Advertising Packages

When spending your money on an advertising campaign, you want it to reach the right people at the right time. In today’s economy you need to be more effective and creative in getting your message out.

CNY Mobile Billboards positions your message when and where it will be most effective.  When traditional advertising is not available or extremely expensive, CNY Mobile Billboards can be there.

CNY Mobile Billboards gives you access to markets and areas that traditional advertising does not. Schedule our truck or trailer to be at malls and shopping centers, convention centers, sporting events, restaurants and other heavily trafficked areas where your target audience works, shops and plays every day.

Space is limited to contact us today so we can answer any of your questions, discuss plans and opportunities, or reserve space.  We are a local Syracuse company so we can even bring the vehicle by for your inspection.

Our campaigns are completely tailored to our customers’ needs.  Rates are based on the time of day, length of campaign, geographic location and the number of vehicles needed.  For a detailed proposal please contact Derek Zehr.

Recognized ad agencies receive a 15% discount on the advertising buy (excluding sign production).