“CNY Mobile Billboards has been an amazing partner in our Quaker Steak & Lube Marketing efforts. The company has a way with deciding prime locations and times of day where your message will be most effective. Mobile Billboards is a unique way to sell your message in a way that targets your specific market. The opening of our Rochester, NY location is a prime example of how well this marketing strategy worked. After a 2month long campaign prior to our opening date, we had a line of people waiting to get through the doors the day of our grand opening. Every networking event I attended, people mentioned how they saw our moving billboard around town and at local festivals; people were extremely excited we were coming to their town! This is just one example of how CNY Mobile Billboards has helped us increase sales at our businesses. I recommend using CNY Mobile Billboards in any marketing campaign because I have seen the success first hand. I have been very please working with Derek Zehr and his team and I will continue to use CNY Mobile Billboards in future marketing plans.”

Katie Rapp-“Quaker Steak & Lube Regional Marketing Coordinator”


CNY Mobile Billboards makes us feel like VIP every campaign, regardless of the size of the job. We use them continuously throughout the year and will continue to do so!

Dan Hartnett- Broker/Owner Prudential CNY Realty


With the ever changing advertising industry, Syracuse University Athletics was looking for a new, creative and effective way to reach our fans and we found that with CNY Mobile Billboard. We have used CNY Mobile Billboard for two years now and it has been a great success especially during Football season. Working with Derek is always so easy and simple! The customer service is excellent. I would recommend CNY Mobile Billboard to any company looking for an innovative way to advertise.

Jennifer Falco, Syracuse Athletics


Marketing a local small business is challenging. Marketing a medium has its own unique set of challenges. We needed a partner that is as mobile as our main medium (radio). We needed a partner that understands the unique challenges we face. Most of all, we needed a partner that will be prompt, responsible, affordable and accountable. Using CNY Mobile Billboards helps differentiate us from our competition. Billboards are effective in promoting radio stations because drivers see the station log and information, and may give us a “test drive” while they drive! With CNY Mobile Billboards, not only do they see the logo and information, but Derek plays our music over his speakers as a “sample” of our product. Derek has taken the truck with our logo, playing our music, to several local events and I’m confident the campaign has helped increase awareness of our stations overall.

John Hunt- Sales Manager MOVIN/WOLF